What is a Rental Housing

A rental housing co-operative is a
community housing organisation whose
renter-members manage rental properties
on behalf of the Housing Victoria.

Each renter-member of a house managed
by the Northern Geelong Rental Housing Co
-operative is also a member and
shareholder of the Co-operative and must
take responsibility for the governance of
the organisation within the guidelines of
the Department of Housing and Human
Services (Housing Victoria) and the Housing Registrar.

Every year members elect their own
committee of management from among
themselves to set direction and make
important decisions about the Strategic and
financial interests of the Co-op.

The NGRHC employs a Manager and small
team of part-time workers.



Benefits of Co-op Membership

Members have the opportunity to serve on a
commitee and make important
contributons to the contnuing development
of the Co-operatve.
Further benefts include:

Quality, affordable, long term housing
that is well maintained.

Rents are calculated by two methods:
  a. as a percentage of the combined
household income,
. 75% of the market rent as set by
Housing Victoria (The rental cannot be set
higher than this rate).

A wide range of professional support
from staff and the opportunity to make
new friends with other members.
 Opportunities for referral and access to
other community organisations and
resource networks.

Opportunities to participate in family-oriented social activities and
community development initiatives.
Support for members’ skills training and
personal development, e.g., preparing
for employment, basic home
maintenance … and much more!


The Victorian Housing Register (VHR)
establishes who is eligible for social and
community housing. The VHR eligibility
criteria relates to:
   Income and asset eligibility (as set out
in the social housing income and asset
    Australian Citizenship or permanent
residency; and
    Victorian residency.

When a vacancy for a property comes
available, and to be considered for Co-op
membership and available housing
must attend an information session
which you will find out more about the
expectations of being a member and take
away an official application form.
After you have returned the completed
application you may be interviewed and,
selected, be offered membership.